Apple Software Update: What's New In iOS 9?

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The latest version of Apple's new mobile operating system - iOS 9 - is ready to download today. Here's a roundup of the new features the free update will give you.
iOS 9 adds a new app to the Home screen which pulls in news articles from a wide range of sources, including Sky News.
Users get to choose which sources to receive stories from, and Apple says the longer you use the app the better it will learn your preferences.
The Notes app, which has always been installed as standard on iPhone and iPad, has been revamped.
Now you can add a checklist of to-dos, add photos and maps, and sketch things with your finger.
Changes are now synced via iCloud across all Apple devices.
Tapping the share button in Safari, Maps and many other apps will also allow you to save attachments to a new or existing note.

Apple's Maps app, widely regarded as a disaster when it launched, is continuing to improve.
With iOS 9, public transport details have been added for selected cities around the world.
It'll help you pinpoint the nearest stops and stations, and give you directions to where you want to go.
iCloud Drive
The built-in iCloud Drive app lets you search for all your files by date, name and tags.
Files can also be organised without leaving the app.
iPad users can now open a second app without leaving the one they're in.
It means apps can now run side-by-side, while video can be swiped away so it sits in the corner of the screen while you work on something else.
Search Screen
The search screen, accessed by swiping right from the Home page, is now improved.
Is comes pre-populated with contacts, apps and news stories.
Under-The-Hood Tweaks
Battery life is improved, updates are now quicker to instal, and overall security is improved.
For example, your iPhone now knows if it's face down on the table and prevents the screen from turning on even when you receive a message.
A new Low Power mode lets you extend your battery life by shutting down power-hungry features temporarily.
Android Migration
A new 'Move to iOS' app for Android users allows the wireless transfer of your contacts, messages, images and mail accounts to iPhone and iPad.


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